Solo-operated, quick, mechanised netting dispensing and straining system. Roll out and hydraulically strain and clamp your fence with SoloNet

SoloNet is fully mechanised so you don’t have to carry heavy rolls of wire, or run after it down a steep slope. The dispenser was designed by kiwi innovator Simon Dale to reduce labour costs by maximising efficiency when installing a deer or stock fence.

The Solo Net can be mounted onto the blade of the SoloTrak as well as loader mounted, digger mounted and three point linkage mounted. There are multiple sizes available that can carry up to 250m/820' rolls of netting up to 2m/80" high. Once your fence line is in place you can easily finish the job with the unique straining system that allows you to mechanically clamp and strain the netting for a tidy and professional fence installation.

Efficient Fence Installation - Save on Time and Effort

  • Efficient fence installation - save on time and effort

  • Mechanised for tight and stock proof fences

  • No heavy lifting, rolling or straining

  • Operator friendly

  • Range of mounting options

  • Solutions for fencers and farmers