Post Drivers For Fencing Contractors

Tracked Post Driver with Auger, Rock Spike, Dozer Blade and Netting Roller/Strainer

While running his own contracting business, Simon Dale became frustrated with the limitations of tractor mounted post drivers. So like many entrepreneurs this kiwi set about improving the way that a fence can be erected. Today Simon has exceeded his brief and expectations and has developed the ideal post driver for fencing contractors.

Based on a Morooka the SoloTrak includes a fully hydraulic post driver, blade, rubber track, materials deck and many options and accessories to enhance traction on even the most challenging terrain for optimum stability and safety. SoloTrak can only be purchased via his company Solo Fencing Solutions.

Ultimately the SoloTrak is for or anyone who wants to leave the tractor mounted post driver frustrations behind. Simon welcomes you to call and arrange a demonstration. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can be of service to you.

The post driver has had a make over

  • Stable and Safer Front mounted blade and optional track grips for better stabilisation on all kinds of terrain especially steep hills
  • Save on Time and Effort The SoloTrak allows multiple operations in one pass with one person
  • Efficient Post Installation Less labour, materials transport deck avoiding double handing materials
  • Accurate Post Driving Dual controls offer precise Post Driver placement, fully hydraulic 30-45° rotation and tilt, and drives up to 4m long posts for a true post every time
  • Minimal Reinstatement Disperses weight evenly leaving minimal ground disturbance
  • Quality Components For easy maintenance, servicing and reliability
  • High Return on your Investment Low on cost and high on productivity to get through your contracts faster, increasing your profit in no time!


Download our Solo-Track-Brochure.pdf