SoloNet Feedback 2017

"This is a great Jigger. It doesn't matter if the clamp is on the wire slightly off vertical, the forward/crowd tilt lets you correct that. The side to side tilt lets you lean the wire away from the machine so that it falls away and leans against the posts while you travel. I've never timed the "old way" however my guys reckon it saves 20-30mins every strain."

Shane Hovey
Good Country Fencing in S. Australia

SOLO-AllisonEnterprises-160310-Feedback-Thumb1st March 2016

To whom it may concern

We have purchased five machines from Solo Fencing Systems over the last three years.  We have found them to be extremely flexible over a broad range of fence types with the obvious cost savings due to the one man operation.  They are very reliable machines with very little down time and the backup provided by Simon can only be described as excellent.


Billy Allison,  
Allison Enterprises Ltd

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Solotrack-BenHoldenContracting-Feedback-ThumbTo whom it may concern.
I am a fencing contractor and own a Side mounted Solo Track and Hire a Rear mounted Solo Track.

To be Absolutely straight up, these 2 machines are brilliant. I do all facets of fencing from Rural, Residential, Security and use these machines for all. You can't use a Tractor to Ram a residential fence, its to big, believe me, I’ve tried.

  • Rural hill country we have done 100’s of metres of Fencing and its very handy.
  • I load all posts on the rear tray. ( The line doesn’t have to laid ) Save’s the farmer that cost.
  • The rear driving controls are very convenient. ( save’s me a huge amount of time)Not having to jump on and off the machine.
  • I get alot of work from the Solo track for its point of difference, people personally tell me this and hire my services.

If at any stage potential buyers for the Solo track want to chat all see it working ( New Zealand Only) by all means please give me a call, don’t hesitate, Its a winner Phone Ben Holden 0064 6 8685564.
Thank you and Good luck

Best Regards
Ben Holden Contracting

13th November 2013
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17th November 2013


To whom it may concern

I purchased a Solo Track side mounted machine two years ago because of its ease of use on my own, and its manoeuvrability.

It has proven itself time and time again with its ability to perform in very steep terrain safely where using a tractor is simply not possible. Solo Track also has the ability to work effectively in very confined spaces such as in yards and around buildings. Quite simply, my fencing business wouldn’t be the success it is without the purchase of a Solo Track machine, I can not recommend them highly enough. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the use of a Solo Track machine please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sam Dale

Highlands Fencing
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1st June 2016

"The new toy arrived November and I am very impressed with the capabilities of tracked knockers after our recent weather. After a long time debating between a Bryce Hd180, Protech evo 1(for 4x4 towing ability) and the Solotrak I spent the banks money on a Solotrak R200 and definitely made the right choice. Big thanks to Simon Dale at solo fencing systems."

  • Spec: 340kg monkey/hammer
  • 200° swivel to operate on both sides
  • 250/550mm back shift
  • 600 mm Side shift 
  • Telemast
  • 4 way blade
  • Auger
  • Rock spike
  • Winch
  • Compressor
  • Solonet


John Morgan
Morgan Fencing in Wales