SoloFencingSystems 25 solorailA great little time saving tool to assist with railing up. Simply load up your rails and knock them in!

Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

James Holden: Holden Fencing: Genuinely one of the best things you’ll ever buy, has mine nearly 2 years and the time it saves everyday is phenomenal. you’ll never look back. I made my own guide and it was good but this is night and day different.

Peter Redgewell: PDR Contracting: Awesome bit of kit, wouldn't be without one. Pound for pound probably the best return on investment a fencer will make if solo or in team, you can leave one guy railing while other knocking ahead

James Arthur: Great bit of kit, wouldn’t be without mine !

Ivan Tattersall: Worth twice what they cost absolutely the best thing you will ever buy if you do a lot of railing. Pay for its self by 2 o’clock first day

RHAB Fencing Contractors: I have never used the solo rail before but what a bit of kit...! Makes life a whole lot easier.

Peter Clark: It’s a no brainer purchase, brilliant time saver, if you do any post and rail just buy one

Kiff Fencing: Brill piece of kit, definitely worth the money!

Josh Barningham: Well worth the penny’s! wouldn’t be without it now


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