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Our customers have a lot to say about our SoloTrack, SoloNet and SoloRail systems...


Testing the SoloTrak limits today… don’t think she has any! - Kiff Fencing -Devon, UK

SoloNet revolutionised my fencing. - Morgan Fencing, Wales, UK

SoloRail is genuinely one of the best things you’ll ever buy. Has mine nearly 2 years and the time it saves everyday is phenomenal. You’ll never look back. I made my own guide and it was good but this is night and day different. - James Holden. Holden Fencing

I bought a SoloTrak and a SoloNet in 2017 from Simon. He came to Hungary and introduced me the machine and its handling. I got to know a hardworking, helpful and committed Kiwi on the fields. More than 3 years have passed from the time we met. His machine helped me to build thousands metres of deer fences yearly with ease and professional support. The demands for fencing works has increased significantly as my clients recognised the fast and reliable work that I am capable of with these machines. I am very satisfied and I can highly recommend Simon, Gail and their team at Solo Fencing Systems for all your fencing needs. - Medárd Mészáros FERR-SERVICES Kft. Hungary