The SoloTrak has proved to us that it is the ultimate fencing machine. It’s made by a fencer that understands what is required to improve the standards and potential of a modern contractor. It’s simple, capable and reliable. It speaks the right language to us, everything is in a logical, clear and easy to use position, from the efficiency and smoothness of the rock spike/auger transfer system to the subtle differences in spool levers to discern their individual functions. The stability of the machine is in a league of its own, there is not a single post out on the fence line it hasn’t conquered. The well-balanced base, unyielding slew ring and 4 way blade all play their part to provide optimum stability and improve the safety of the operator.

The demands of a fencing contractor are well catered for- the 4 way blade clears and levels fence lines saving us from having to move an excavator or tractor to site to do the same job. There is ample room for posts and other materials on the deck. The post driver itself is robustly made. There is very little play in the mast or other moving parts after we have been using it continuously for over two and a half years. The auger is simple to use and more than powerful enough for the country we fence on (Chalk and flint ranging to Cotswold brash and gravels). The cycling speed and hitting power of the monkey are impressive, there's no discernible difference in time getting a straining post into the ground between the SoloTrak and our other frontline knocker with a 500kg weight.

It has reduced our maintenance and labour costs while vastly increasing our productivity without compromising our workmanship.

The back-up is second to none not that it is often needed due to the superior build quality.

At the end of the day, it gets the job done quicker so we can go home earlier!

- Tim & Ash Lane, Starveacre Fencing, UK

Over the last few years since my wife came off the tools to start our family I, like many, have struggled relentlessly with finding good reliable staff to help with the ever growing fencing workload. After reverting back to working on my own for a winter after giving up with the hope of finding decent staff I grew ever more frustrated with the tracked post driver I ran at the time with its awkwardness in tight situations and only being able to drive posts meaning I was moving a mini excavator around to auger holes and clear lines, then needing to have the unimog and 3pt SoloNet onsite daily for netting up and moving a weighty compressor for railing up. I had seen Morgan Fencing’s SoloTrak on a facebook post when he first got it and said to my wife at the time I need to go and see them when we replace ours.

We’d bought a 3pt SoloNet from Solo Fencing Systems already which worked great on the front of the unimog, we then visited them on a small Demo day they held around the same time as I started working on my own and it was good to meet Simon & Gail who were very accommodating and enjoyed showing and discussing the features of the machine and in no way pushed or sold it, even later when taking us all out for dinner in a local pub. I felt then and still now, that Simon enjoys the fencing industry and the guys that work in it and being a former fencer himself, enjoys solving all those issues we face especially guys working on their own. I told Simon then that I wasn’t ready to change machine just yet I needed a couple more years from mine but after 18months of further frustration we visited them again at their yard and had a play with a SoloTrak 200R they had in for part ex. We visited with our 2yr old daughter and again they took the day to talk with us and go over several aspects of the machine I was unsure about and how there were particular things I struggled with that I would like my next machine to be able to do. Simon again, being a former fencer, knew these issue only too well and suggested solutions to them all. I was so impressed I confirmed with them before we left that I would have a 200R either a new or as new a used base as was available and fortunately there was a 250hr machine available and the saving from new covered the cost of setting the machine up on remote control with more features than I’d had on my old machine.

The delivery schedule was delayed by factors influenced by covid but also by Simons persistent drive to make the machine as efficient, tidy and suited to my needs as I’d discussed with him. I have bought several bits of kit to date, 3 of them new, and I have to say, I have never been as impressed with how spot on to brief and my rather high expectations, as I was when I arrived to collect the new machine, which thanks to the Italy covid crisis didn’t have the remote yet. The build quality and particularly the attention to detail on the machine was just excellent and kept putting a smile on my face as I noticed more and more little details beyond even my imagination. It’s almost like he’d spent a month with me and knew exactly how I’d want things laid out and built. Of course, this is because he’s been on the line and knows this for himself, and for many years more than I’ve clocked up yet. That comes through later when you are busy using the machine weeks later thinking you know it pretty well by then and you come up against a situation you think will require a different machine or tool and you realise.. Oh wait, if I do this and use that and poof its done! Every aspect of the work, the machine just makes it easy, to a point where you get lazy and don’t need to plan ahead every post driven, as, up to now at least, there hasn’t been a post it hasn’t got to!

I confess I did go a bit mad and spec’d almost every optional extra on the machine plus a few new ones like the remote control, but each one I could see would make my life easier and faster on the line, which has since proven right. There isn't a feature I could have lived without. The bones of the machine is a reliable, tough and well balanced Marooka 300 base, which I knew to be good units after we’d hired two for several weeks on some kms of railway replacement fencing we’d been involved with and I’d had several issues with the running gear on my other tracked machine, so a well proven over built base unit was a real plus for me. I was nervous about going used on that, as I’d convinced myself I would spend the money and have a brand new one, but Simon, who was happy to sell me one, said there was a good 250hr unit available from one of their suppliers, that they rarely give any trouble and the saving could be used on other extras, so I went with it. To be fair, when I visited them before committing, I saw how far down they strip the base units to modify their chassis and strip the electrics back and anything that needs addressing at the time gets done, which gave me the confidence to go used.

As for the SoloTrak machine itself, the biggest thing I noticed, and the hardest thing to convey to others when they ask, is that on first appearance the machine looks simpler than some others. However, this is far from the truth and I guess is a credit to its design, that it is so efficiently designed, it looks and makes the work look simple and easy, when we know its anything but. The tele mast is just a thing of beauty. One of the biggest bug bears with my previous machines was the rock spike/auger unit was right in the way of the working sight and you were always working around it and trying to take it off every chance you got. The SoloTrak telemast’s tidier design uses the telemast ram to raise and lower the rockspike/auger cradle so it pivots much closer to the machine and stays out of your way. I've never hit my head on it after leaning down to check a line etc unlike others. It also removes the whole second mast some other machines have, which makes the mast much more nimble in the trees and tight spots being able to thread its way up through them. It also knocks a 12 ft post with plenty of room above to get a good drop height and can drive from there all the way to and below ground level, which was a real joy for me after years of moving pins to get 12ft posts in and precariously using little blocks to drive to ground (if the blocks survived and didn’t just off at you). The whole mast then being mounted on a forward/back shifting 200 degree slew makes getting to any post in any awkward spot just effortless. The speed the mast rams work at is also much quicker and the cycle time of the monkey, which as standard is 60kg less than my previous machine which was a worry, is so much quicker and has a less resistant fall using the wire pulley system, and great dump to tank flow and floating cap means the Solo hits as hard and if not harder than I had even hoped it would. Combined with a powerful easy to use auger means strainers or inters any time of year are always driven to depth accurately and efficiently, posting out inters is just insanely fast when you get a flow on.

Of course, the SoloTrak is a one man fencing machine not just a post driver and such testament to that I can make is, after a few months of using it I sold my 2.5t mini digger with steelwrist as I just didn’t use it anymore. I still have a 6t machine for the larger clearing work but the SoloTrak now does all the jobs the 2.5t did including netting out, blading off uneven lines with its 4way full size blade, which doubles for stability on slopes and triples for a mounting point for the front fold down forks to carry another pack of posts and/or the blade mounted SoloNet, another feature so well thought out and made. I’ve been truly impressed with its ability to pull up not just stock netting but much heavier horse netting, coupled with a set of chains and boards I can now lay out and bunny hop around a field in half the time and its always with me, or gut pull with the machine one side and chaining back a board onto the hook points on the SoloNet clamp. The other feature I was very keen to have (and not available from others) was the on board compressor, especially working solo now I find humping a large compressor for running the 5” nail gun around very awkward on my own and particularly for smaller jobs, when you only need it for a couple of hours a day, again with the SoloTrak it’s always there with its own retractable air hose, so now all I need to take out of the lockup is the gun and nails speeding up morning loading and evening lockup times. Little extra features I asked for Simon delivered exactly how I’d hoped he would, with a double stacker jenny for running plain and 4mm underground work wire, a usb phone charger, over rail rack, side mounted rail rack, front mounted auger storage, and so much tool storage it's just a joy.

The remote was something new for Simon and I have to say again, he’s gotten it just right with discussing how many features we should have and how to do it. I was keen to keep the mechanical systems in place so if the remote or electrics played up (which we all know they do) then I could continue using the machine as normal, something he appreciated and designed around it which paid off early as the covid had delayed the remote arriving, so the first few months I was using it all manually. The remote has the tracks, park brake, engine speed and high/low speed of course but also adding all of the blade and SoloNet controls, including the extra tension ram, particularly handy when you walk back up the line to check tension around the turners and not quite happy with tension at the far end you can easily tweak more tension with the remote while you are there to get it just right and then walk back to finish off. We also fitted the monkey weight, forward/backshift and side shift on, I thought this would be handy for awkward corners, which it is, and saves those shoved in the brambles/blackthorn moments when they rarely happen with the Solo, as with the slew you can normally avoid most of them anyway, but I have actually found using the remote while knocking really speeds up your cycle times as you can walk round and check plumb against the mast while you're still knocking and even getting the next post off the rack. I’d gotten 2 packs of posts in by lunch on the third day of using the remote on inters so still getting used to it and can really see the increase in speed it brings already let alone once I’ve gotten more familiar with it!

The SoloTrak really is a very well thought out and designed machine by a former kiwi fencing contractor who's designed it to make life on the line as easy and efficient as possible. The fabrication team at Solo Fencing Systems are clearly heavily invested in, and proud of the machine’s excellent build quality, which shows when you see the machine in the flesh. It’s especially awesome for the solo fencer of course, making it your right hand as the name suggests, but also for smaller 2 man outfits making them more efficient and productive. Even with some extra requests post sale Simon and Gail have been just as keen to help make my life easier on the line now as at the time of ordering the machine, which I personally take to be a true reflection of their open and honest nature and constant strive to make the best machine possible to make our lives as easy and profitable as they can.

- Peter Redgewell, PDR Contracting, UK

I bought a SoloTrak and a SoloNet in 2017 from Simon. He came to Hungary and introduced me the machine and its handling. I got to know a hardworking, helpful and committed Kiwi on the fields. More than 3 years have passed from the time we met. His machine helped me to build thousands metres of deer fences yearly with ease and professional support. The demands for fencing works has increased significantly as my clients recognised the fast and reliable work that I am capable of with these machines. I am very satisfied and I can highly recommend Simon, Gail and their team at  Solo Fencing Systems for all your fencing needs. - Medárd Mészáros  FERR-SERVICES Kft.  Hungary

We’ve been running our Solotrak for nearly two years now and I’ve got to say it has transformed our business, when we moved from a tractor mounted knocker to tracked I did a lot of research and tried out different machines but was impressed with the layout and build of the solotrak, Simons experience from being a contractor himself means he has a great understanding of the industry and this really shows in the design of the machine. We also run a solonet which is a simple but well thought out machine and makes wiring up a quicker and easier job, back up and parts are swift and efficient couldn’t ask for more. - Charlie Hubbard, J Hubbard & Son Ltd - UK

‘I purchased a SoloTrak 200R off of Simon 18 months ago and it has far exceeded my expectations. I had spent a long time researching all the manufacturers and I decided on SoloTrak as I felt it would help our company move forward in the right direction.
It has so many features which make it a joy to work with. The hydraulic post driver is an incredible piece of kit, saving huge amounts of time as it drives posts into the ground with almost frightening efficiency" and there really is no post that we can’t get in. We tend to work in small teams of 2-3 people but it also works great as a one man machine.
We did look at machines that could be towed behind a 4x4 but we felt we would be compromising on output, we have teamed the SoloTrak up with a unimog and trailer and it makes a fantastic outfit.
The only thing we need now is a second SoloTrak! - Jamie Dodd – Dodd & Co Fencing Contractors - UK

We purchased a SoloTrak 200R in May 2018, we are extremely impressed with the performance of this machine across various terrains in the far North of Scotland.  We have found the machine to be 100% reliable, economic to run and would highly recommend SoloTrak to anyone as it is the only machine on the market that offers this level of performance. We will definitely purchase our next machine from Solo Fencing Systems. - Gary Elder Groundworks - Scotland

New machine arrived a couple of weeks ago. SoloTrak 200R. It’s already proving to be a great asset and compliments our style of fencing. Simon Dale has had a good think about what a contractor needs in a machine and manufactured it in a straightforward and robust package. Ideal. - Starveacre Fencing, Oxfordshire, UK

La machine par excellence pour la pose de clôture ! Non seulement elle permet une plus grande qualité de travail, mais aussi une augmentation du rendement. Après 5 années de travail, je ne lui trouve toujours aucun défaut! Acheter une Solotrak restera le meilleur investissement de toute ma carrière.
Translation: An excellent machine for erecting fences! Not only does it allow a higher quality of work, but also an increase in output. After 5 years of work, I still can't find any fault with it! Buying a Solotrak will remain the best investment of my entire career. - Alex Garros, Tramontagne, France

The SoloTrak has been an absolute game changer for our business. The SoloTrak has enabled us to increase productivity exceeding my expectations I’d recommend it without hesitation to any one wanting to expand their operations and efficiency. These machine are game changers for contractors - Schwartz Fencing, Adelaide, South Australia

What I particularly like about the SoloTrak is its strength, reliability, stability and excellent balance with the option to use Track Grips for even greater traction in very steep/slippery ground. The Telemast driving to below ground level together with the fast hammer cycle speed and conveniently placed load bed means we can work faster and get more posts in the ground than ever before. - Hamps Valley Fencing, Derbyshire, UK

“Exceeded expectations in speed for one man, all round labour saving one man machine” - Mark Potts, Cumbria, UK

My Solotrak was delivered to Adelaide, Australia, early January 2017. I no longer pay a driver to drive a tractor 10M at a time. We were putting 6 hours a day on the hour meter at that time so 6 x say $30 x 250 working days p/year = $45000. It is a “no brainer” and little need to talk about all the other benefits like: The SoloNet running out then clamping and straining wire in seconds, Forks to carry and move posts/strainers, Rear deck to carry posts or wire as required, Enormous hitting power, Excellent auger set up with downforce and torque that you’d expect on an excavator, A blade to move, fill, clear and level whatever is in your way, The ability to pull strainers/posts out with more lifting power than most FEL’s, Tow a trailer with even more supplies, Sideshift for miles, and; many more uses and hacks I’ve found to speed up the process and save labour. - Shayne Hovey Good Country Fencing, S. Australia/Victoria Border

Loving the new (to me) SOLOTRAK! Such a superior machine! Who’d have thought a post knocker could be so well made! Credit where credit is due, the SoloTrak post knocker has been no disappointment and has definitely made the job easier and more productive. I cannot describe how good this machine is. It just ‘does the job’. Stable, fast, clever, operator friendly, efficient & well engineered. Thank you. - J. A Bradley Services, Worcs, UK

One of the things that I’m very impressed by with my SoloTrak is the fact that I can get it into spots that you could never fit a tractor and standard rammer and drive a post in with plenty of power and precision and safety because I can get the rammer exactly where you need, this means you are not trying to do unsafe practices holding onto bars or leavers or trying to hold the post with one hand, also the time it takes me driving posts nowadays is very impressive and I’ve been able to take on a large variety of jobs with this machine. SoloTrak has opened up a lot of doors in my business. - Scott White Agricultural Services – Victoria, Australia

I’ve had my solo track just over two years now it suits my area for steep and hard terrain, Having so many options with my SoloTrak allows me to do an efficient job helping me get to the next job faster. - Mikes Contract Fencing - New Zealand

The SoloTrak is a game changer from going from anther brand of tracked post knocker to the SoloTrak 200R with auger , 4 way blade and netter there is no comparison the Solo just keeps on giving.   Tight awkward spaces not an issue any more with the 200 degree slew , the Morooka base is brilliant as well.   Simon has balanced the machine extremely well, and it handles steep ground with no squeaky bum moments, it’s  very well designed  - Simon has done a brilliant job designing it. - MJB Fencing, Warwickshire, UK

With an ever increasing workload in both agricultural and forestry fencing I had to find a way of increasing productivity in a more efficient manner.
After a lot of thought as whether to employ staff or invest in machinery I finally decided to replace my tractor mounted post driver with tracked machine and possibly a netter.
While endlessly looking at what was available, the SoloTrak seemed to keep ticking all the boxes for my requirements more than others and was the only machine that had its own netting tensioner, so finally made the decision to go for it.
With no staff to pay - train and more importantly keep, the SoloTrak- SoloNet has easily been the most cost effective way to up production.
I was so impressed with the time saving with the SoloNet that after a few months I ordered a second one for tractor loader capable of taking 1.9m high deer nett.
Based in west of Scotland on Kintyre peninsula the SoloTrak has proved an ideal all rounder whether on the flat pasture fields or steep rough terrain of forestry and hill farm fencing and with the addition of track grips (easily fitted when required) it’s climbing capabilities still surprise me over three years later.
It’s ability to lift itself clear of the ground with front blade and hydraulic mast is a feature I would not be without. On tough terrain this has got me out of a few tricky situations without the need of outside assistance.
Can’t imagine fencing without one now.

- Andrew Mclean Fencing, Campbeltown, Scotland

The SoloTrak is a very well thought out and built machine that has no limits and is very capable. It has been an absolute asset to my business and Simon couldn’t have been more helpful throughout the whole build and after sales service. - Michael Stokes, Scotland, UK

After a long 12 months of deciding whether to change from a tractor mounted post banger to a SoloTrack I rang Simon and put the order in for a 200R with all the bells and whistles. Machine turned up and after a month using it out on the fence line I thought to myself it’s a no brainer! This machine has had every last detail down to a T! We get jobs done quicker but still with high standards plus it frees up another man. The SoloTrak is balanced superbly to be able to tackle the most awkward and steepest of terrain. The two best things I like about the Solo is to be able to knock posts flush with the ground for strut blocks etc. The second is the 4 way blade, other machines have blades but not thought out like the Solo as this is set out in front and is able to be used as an actual blade! The SoloNet..... well what can I say!? Was that impressed with the netter so I went out and bought the deer netter as well, which we either run on the loader with euro 8 brackets and also run it on front linkage of the Mog. The Solo Fencing Systems machines are definitely the best on the market and I won’t be changing to anything else. Service is brilliant and never too much trouble.


SoloNet Feedback 2017: "This is a great Jigger. It doesn't matter if the clamp is on the wire slightly off vertical, the forward/crowd tilt lets you correct that. The side to side tilt lets you lean the wire away from the machine so that it falls away and leans against the posts while you travel. I've never timed the "old way" however my guys reckon it saves 20-30mins every strain." - Shane Hovey. Good Country Fencing in S. Australia

SOLO-AllisonEnterprises-160310-Feedback-Thumb1st March 2016

To whom it may concern. We have purchased five machines from Solo Fencing Systems over the last three years.  We have found them to be extremely flexible over a broad range of fence types with the obvious cost savings due to the one man operation.  They are very reliable machines with very little down time and the backup provided by Simon can only be described as excellent.


Billy Allison. Allison Enterprises Ltd
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Solotrack-BenHoldenContracting-Feedback-ThumbTo whom it may concern.
I am a fencing contractor and own a Side mounted Solo Track and Hire a Rear mounted Solo Track.

To be Absolutely straight up, these 2 machines are brilliant. I do all facets of fencing from Rural, Residential, Security and use these machines for all. You can't use a Tractor to Ram a residential fence, its to big, believe me, I’ve tried.

  • Rural hill country we have done 100’s of metres of Fencing and its very handy.
  • I load all posts on the rear tray. ( The line doesn’t have to laid ) Save’s the farmer that cost.
  • The rear driving controls are very convenient. ( save’s me a huge amount of time)Not having to jump on and off the machine.
  • I get alot of work from the Solo track for its point of difference, people personally tell me this and hire my services.

If at any stage potential buyers for the Solo track want to chat all see it working ( New Zealand Only) by all means please give me a call, don’t hesitate, Its a winner Phone Ben Holden 0064 6 8685564.
Thank you and Good luck

Best Regards
Ben Holden Contracting

13th November 2013
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17th November 2013

To whom it may concern. I purchased a Solo Track side mounted machine two years ago because of its ease of use on my own, and its manoeuvrability. It has proven itself time and time again with its ability to perform in very steep terrain safely where using a tractor is simply not possible. Solo Track also has the ability to work effectively in very confined spaces such as in yards and around buildings. Quite simply, my fencing business wouldn’t be the success it is without the purchase of a Solo Track machine, I can not recommend them highly enough. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the use of a Solo Track machine please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Sam Dale. Highlands Fencing
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1st June 2016 "The new toy arrived November and I am very impressed with the capabilities of tracked knockers after our recent weather. After a long time debating between a Bryce Hd180, Protech evo 1(for 4x4 towing ability) and the Solotrak I spent the banks money on a Solotrak R200 and definitely made the right choice. Big thanks to Simon Dale at solo fencing systems."

  • Spec: 340kg monkey/hammer
  • 200° swivel to operate on both sides
  • 250/550mm back shift
  • 600 mm Side shift 
  • Telemast
  • 4 way blade
  • Auger
  • Rock spike
  • Winch
  • Compressor
  • Solonet

- John Morgan. Morgan Fencing in Wales