After a long 12 months of deciding whether to change from a tractor mounted post banger to a SoloTrack I rang Simon and put the order in for a 200R with all the bells and whistles. Machine turned up and after a month using it out on the fence line I thought to myself it’s a no brainer! This machine has had every last detail down to a T! We get jobs done quicker but still with high standards plus it frees up another man. The SoloTrak is balanced superbly to be able to tackle the most awkward and steepest of terrain. The two best things I like about the Solo is to be able to knock posts flush with the ground for strut blocks etc. The second is the 4 way blade, other machines have blades but not thought out like the Solo as this is set out in front and is able to be used as an actual blade! The SoloNet..... well what can I say!? Was that impressed with the netter so I went out and bought the deer netter as well, which we either run on the loader with euro 8 brackets and also run it on front linkage of the Mog. The Solo Fencing Systems machines are definitely the best on the market and I won’t be changing to anything else. Service is brilliant and never too much trouble.