Jamie Dodd – Dodd & Co Fencing Contractors - UK

‘I purchased a SoloTrak 200R off of Simon 18 months ago and it has far exceeded my expectations. I had spent a long time researching all the manufacturers and I decided on SoloTrak as I felt it would help our company move forward in the right direction.
It has so many features which make it a joy to work with. The hydraulic post driver is an incredible piece of kit, saving huge amounts of time as it drives posts into the ground with almost frightening efficiency" and there really is no post that we can’t get in. We tend to work in small teams of 2-3 people but it also works great as a one man machine.
We did look at machines that could be towed behind a 4x4 but we felt we would be compromising on output, we have teamed the SoloTrak up with a unimog and trailer and it makes a fantastic outfit.
The only thing we need now is a second SoloTrak! - Jamie Dodd – Dodd & Co Fencing Contractors - UK