Tim & Ash Lane, Starveacre Fencing, UK

The SoloTrak has proved to us that it is the ultimate fencing machine. It’s made by a fencer that understands what is required to improve the standards and potential of a modern contractor. It’s simple, capable and reliable. It speaks the right language to us, everything is in a logical, clear and easy to use position, from the efficiency and smoothness of the rock spike/auger transfer system to the subtle differences in spool levers to discern their individual functions. The stability of the machine is in a league of its own, there is not a single post out on the fence line it hasn’t conquered. The well-balanced base, unyielding slew ring and 4 way blade all play their part to provide optimum stability and improve the safety of the operator.

The demands of a fencing contractor are well catered for- the 4 way blade clears and levels fence lines saving us from having to move an excavator or tractor to site to do the same job. There is ample room for posts and other materials on the deck. The post driver itself is robustly made. There is very little play in the mast or other moving parts after we have been using it continuously for over two and a half years. The auger is simple to use and more than powerful enough for the country we fence on (Chalk and flint ranging to Cotswold brash and gravels). The cycling speed and hitting power of the monkey are impressive, there's no discernible difference in time getting a straining post into the ground between the SoloTrak and our other frontline knocker with a 500kg weight.

It has reduced our maintenance and labour costs while vastly increasing our productivity without compromising our workmanship.

The back-up is second to none not that it is often needed due to the superior build quality.

At the end of the day, it gets the job done quicker so we can go home earlier!

- Tim & Ash Lane, Starveacre Fencing, UK