S. P. Ground Care, North Yorkshire, UK

Based in the Yorkshire Dales we found ourselves needing a labour saving way to put up stock netting on hilly and sometimes inaccessible terrain, having looked at various options we hired in a SoloNet. I would say the SoloNet increased the speed at which we could erect stock netting by more than 50% on level ground and up to 70% on uneven and hilly ground. The fact that it works on both sides makes it well suited to our hill conditions where you cannot always dictate which side the net is rolled out.
The machine can carry 2x 500m rolls which means a kilometre of fencing has a lot less joins (a real time and money saver) than with the 100 meter rolls we used to carry by hand and as the net rolls out vertically against the posts there is less chance of it snagging when you are straining up, also the net runs through the clamp vertically when you are joining rolls so is a real back saver, you just set the height and it presents the wire in an efficient way to join the next roll of net, this way the net is also kept out of the mud.
This all makes the job is a lot less physical and more enjoyable, the lads were much keener to put net up once we had the SoloNet on the job.
Hand tools are expensive, strainers etc all add up and are easily lost, the cost of tools goes a long way towards a SoloNet which is well priced and cost effective. I was also impressed by the build quality, and the grade of the steel used feels heavy duty and long-lasting.
In my opinion, it’s a must have machine if you’re constructing a lot of stock net, especially if you’re putting up deer net.

- S. P. Ground Care, North Yorkshire, UK